The ID Group Named Among Canada’s Top 10 Defense Technology Companies for 2022

Canada Top 10 Defense Technology provider 2022_The ID Group

The ID Group Named Among Canada’s Top 10 Defense Technology Companies for 2022

Aerospace & Defense Review, the leading business and technology magazine for this advanced and highly innovative industry has announced its 2022 list of Canada’s Top 10 Defense Technology Companies. Featured in this prestigious list is The ID Group who has been serving the aerospace industry’s energy management needs for over two decades.

About the Nomination

Speaking about the nomination, president, Irwin Lambersky says:

“Our customers in the aerospace industry are bound by the highest, most stringent quality standards here in Canada as well in international markets. They use our proven products and services with confidence for a range of aerospace applications. This recent honour of being nominated among the Top 10 Canadian Defense Technology Companies by Aerospace & Defense Review is a matter of great pride for us, no doubt. Much more than that, however, it is a testament to the trust our customers place in us. It reinforces and further fuels our commitment to continuously improve, raise the bar, and lead the industry to greater heights of excellence and innovation in aerospace solutions.”    

For over two decades, The ID Group has led energy management innovation, specializing in custom EMI products for multiple industries, including telecom, medical, aerospace, and oil & gas. Our company brings tremendous value to clients by finding solutions to decrease the number of manufacturing steps in the process, improving turnaround time, or reducing the amount of raw materials required. An extensive portfolio reflects our company’s longevity and focus on innovation for our clients.

The Canadian Space Agency relies on the high-quality, customized motors and actuators designed and developed by The ID Group since the year 2000. Canadarm 1 and Canadarm 2 are great examples of leading-edge space technology utilizing our products, which will now undergo refurbishment, and function as spare parts for Canadarm 3. The James Webb space telescope saw significant design and development contributions from our skilled engineers. Leading telecom companies that require low-orbit satellites for their commercial applications, also depend on the EMI and RFI solutions that we customize to suit their specific needs.

5 Reasons to Work with The ID Group

At The ID Group, our team is known for resolving industry challenges through cost-effective energy management solutions. The aerospace industry is entering a new era. AI technologies, drones, autonomous weapons, and microsatellites are changing how manufacturers must develop products that last in space. Canada must keep up with innovations in national defense to keep pace with global powers. The ID Group is committed to developing EMI products to find solutions for aerospace developers.

Here are 5 reasons to choose The ID Group as your partner for energy management applications:

        1. The ID Group finds solutions to your problems. Our engineers and design team listen to problems before making suggestions to solve challenges.
        2. We deliver a complete in-house solution which makes developing new products quicker and easier.
        3. Our team of engineers at The ID Group specializes in prototyping. Customized industry products, especially telecommunications solutions, fit each application perfectly.
        4. Customers have the advantage of quick turnaround times while remaining cost-effective to stay ahead of the competition.
        5. The ID Group partners with multiple suppliers to find the right material to fit any application our customers require.

The ID Group has a strong presence in the energy management business. By keeping up with industry trends and innovations, we are evolving to meet the new challenges that continue to impact the industry. We are proud to present ourselves as a “one-stop solution provider”.  We have years of experience in developing custom EMI products for the telecommunication and aerospace industries. Whether it’s EMI honeycomb vents, thermal insulation foams, or vibration isolation products, we can help. Contact us for more information on the scope of our products and services.

About Aerospace & Defense Review

Aerospace & Defense Review is a platform to keep decision makers and professionals up to date with industry trends and news. It’s billed as “The Business and Technology Magazine for A&D Industry.” The goal of this Top 10 list is to give readers a chance to see the latest developments in the industry, to see who the industry leaders are, and how Canada is transforming the technology marketplace. Aerospace & Defense Review is a leader in promoting defense technology.

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