Acoustic Foams and Barriers

Innovative Acoustic Solutions for Every Situation

The ID Group is dedicated to creating a quieter world by supplying industries in Canada with effective acoustic foams. Our POLYDAMP® acoustic foams absorb, dampen and block excessive sound waves by providing maximum sound absorption. As for our POLYDAMP® acoustic barriers, they are a proven method of preventing sound propagation from one space to another by blocking a wide range of frequencies. We offer both readily-available products and custom solutions. When you need innovative ways to control noise, our experts are here to help.

Our Solutions

Acoustical Foams_The ID Group

Acoustic Absorption

ID Group offers top-quality sound absorption foams from Polymer Technologies. Our POLYDAMP® foams help control noise, heat, and vibrations. Made from melamine, polyurethane, and hydrophobic melamine foam, our acoustic foams represent a great solution for industries looking for sound attenuation and noise reduction solutions.

Acoustical Barriers from The Id Group

Acoustic Barriers

Our POLYDAMP® acoustic barrier materials provide powerful sound absorption flexible enough to block out a wide range of frequencies. They can be easily installed in doors, walls, ceilings and floors to help make various products much quieter.

Noise Reduction Applications

  • HVAC & ECS Duct Insulation
  • Damping Floor & Ceiling Systems
  • Damping Cab Walls and Operator Cabs
  • Wall & Fuselage Insulation
  • Damping Firewalls
  • Damping Engine Compartments
  • Interior Panel Insulation
  • Damping Engine Enclosures
  • Door, Service Hatch, and Plenum Insulation

Industries Who Benefit from Acoustic Foams and Barriers

Bring Us Your Complex Noise Management Challenges

Our high-quality acoustic absorption foams and barriers have proven to be effective in controlling and reducing noise in many applications. You can trust The ID Group’s team of experts to help you find an off-the-shelf or custom-designed solution to your specific noise management problem. We can take your design from concept to production with a custom noise reduction solution or we can help you improve an existing product.
In addition to acoustic solutions, we also offer thermal insulation and acoustic vibration control solutions in Canada. Please fill out our online Ask the Expert form or contact us for more information about our products.