Custom Air Filters

Custom-designed Air Filter Solutions for Harsh Environments

The ID Group customized air filter solutions are specially designed for harsh environments and are formulated to better withstand prolonged exposure to high temperature and high humidity environments.

Therefore ID GROUP customized air filters are an effective filter for mist elimination, and assist enclosures in meeting various MIL-STD, NEMA and IP ratings.

Our air filters support customer outside plant enclosure compliance in the areas of flame, fungus, and corrosion resistance. Customer products configured with our air filters have been environmentally tested to withstand dust intrusion and wind driven rain as detailed in NEBS GR-487-CORE.

The ID Group customized air filter solutions offer low pressure drop, fire resistance, and the ability to capture large amounts of airborne dust in industrial enclosure applications. The unique reticulated foam custom air filter material is ideal for use in equipment where permanent, cleanable filters are most appropriate.

Custom air filter material are offered in a wide range of porosities (PPI) to meet custom filtration performance requirements. The materials used comply with UL 94 HF-1 self-extinguishing flame safety standards for electronics in industrial, medical, telecom, and military electronics air filter applications.

Our air filters are configured to your made to measure aluminum frame size. The permanent type fresh air intake and exhaust materials are also cleanable.

We also offer the material alone as a cut-to-size pad in various sizes. We suggest you test our products to determine how they can contribute to your product.

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