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Choose The ID Group for Your Manufacturing Energy Management Needs

The factory floor is rife with noise from its machines. Another issue that happens in manufacturing is electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI can disrupt operations and frustrate employees and management alike. When your clients need solutions, turn to us. The ID Group understands this and provides original equipment manufacturers with quality parts that will alleviate EMI, so they can meet market specifications and requirements. We offer a wide range of parts, including EMI RFI shielding and honeycomb vents in all shapes and sizes. We carry an extensive inventory and custom design work to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

We Offer Expert Solutions

Manufacturing is vital to society’s growth and requires a high level of dedication. As a manufacturer, you need solutions in a timely fashion when issues arise that threaten your product’s quality. The ID Group has the right solutions you seek, including EMI and EMI RFI shielding, isolator, thermal gap filler pad, and acoustic vibration isolation products. We strive daily to meet your manufacturing energy management needs with quality products and outstanding service. We can help with solutions that will:

  • Reduce the noise emitted by a piece of equipment
  • Isolate shock and vibration coming from a piece of equipment
  • Increase thermal insulation
  • Isolate and redirect noise

Our Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Thermal, Shock & Vibration

Other Solutions

Trust The ID Group for All Your Manufacturing Challenges

Don’t get stuck trying to figure out solutions to electromagnetic interference (EMI), temperature, noise and vibration control. The ID Group understands the challenges manufacturers face, and we stand ready to help. Depend on our experience and knowledge to aid you in finding the right EMI products, acoustic foams, thermal foams, acoustic vibration isolation, non-conductive gaskets and much more for your applications. To learn more, please contact us.