EMI Shielding Fingerstock Gaskets

Offering a Large Selection of Fingerstock Gaskets

At The ID Group, we offer one of the most comprehensive collections of standard EMI shielding RoHS-compliant strips from Tech-Etch, a global leader in EMI RFI shielding materials. Our fingerstock strips range from 16 to 24 inches in length, and are available as single fingers, cut to custom length, or in continuous coils up to 35 feet long. At uncompressed height, our standard fingerstock ranges from 0.03” to 0.44” and can occupy gaps as little as 0.01”. We offer fingerstock gaskets in “Standard” or “TF” based on the force needed to compress the gasket to its operating range.

Shielding Materials

Beryllium Copper (BeCu)

As a high-performance metal that can be fabricated into a variety of components, BeCu’s mechanical and electrical properties make it an excellent match for EMI RFI shielding.

Shielding effectiveness over a broad frequency range and high deflection range, along with extreme durability without compression set makes BeCu fingerstock a highly desirable shielding material. BeCu fingerstock provides good conductivity plus maximum spring properties for strength and fatigue resistance.

Stainless Steel

An economical alternative to BeCu, stainless steel makes for a good shielding material. However, in comparison to BeCu, it is relatively stiffer, provides lower attenuation and does not have electrical conductivity. Stainless steel is a good match for low profile strips and twisted contacts and provides good heat and corrosion resistance.

EMI Shielding Figerstock Gaskets


Maximum attenuation requires the contact resistance of the closing joint and mounting joint to remain very low throughout the product lifecycle. Other factors that influence attenuation are the plating and wiping action and the closing force or pressure. Our experienced staff can help you decide the proper configurations to ensure sustained attenuation for the fingerstock gaskets that you require.


Shielding materials are meant to occupy any gaps that exist between two adjacent surfaces. The effectiveness of the shielding gaskets lies in their ability to occupy the maximum, as well as minimum gaps that may occur due to the misalignment of surfaces, irregular surfaces, or fabrication tolerances. We can ensure suitable compression management by assisting you in selecting the EMI shielding fingerstock gaskets that best meet your requirements.

Mounting Profiles

Our EMI shielding strips cater to a wide variety of applications. We can supply full size or cut to length options in a variety of mounting configurations. Our experts can also help you with interactive PDF sales drawings to determine the right parts and optimal specifications for your applications. Here are some of the standard mounting options for our fingerstock gaskets:

      • Clip-on Mounting
      • Stick-on Mounting
      • Snap-on Mounting
      • Extrusion Mounting
      • Special Mounting
      • Track / Extrusion Mounting


The ID Group experts can answer all your questions about fingerstock gaskets and help you select the right one for your application.



Maybe you already know what you are looking for. We’ll be happy to give you pricing for your specific requirements.


Tech Etch EMI RFI Fingerstock Gaskets

At The ID Group, we have a deep understanding and knowledge of all the Tech Etch EMI products. Our qualified and experienced staff work with you closely to identify your requirements and help you determine the appropriate configurations for your EMI shielding fingerstock gaskets including the type of materials, attenuation capability, and mounting options.

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