Acoustic Vibration Isolation

The ID Group is committed to creating a quieter world by using innovative materials that dampen sound and reduce vibration. We work with leading suppliers to find acoustic vibration isolation solutions such as damping pads, thermal insulation foams and other materials that reduce noise and/or vibration, help control temperature and create acoustic barriers for everyone’s comfort and productivity.

Importance of Acoustic Vibration Isolation

Acoustic vibration isolation is important for equipment protection. Isolating the equipment from the source of vibration minimizes the transfer of acoustic vibrations that can cause premature wear of other equipment components and lead to equipment failure. Sensitive equipment is particularly susceptible to failure due to excessive vibration. Bolts, screws and other fasteners loosen more easily, requiring more maintenance or resulting in lost production during repairs. A machine that vibrates or bounces can also damage the surface on which it sits.

Acoustic vibrations are also unpleasant for people who occupy the space of equipment that vibrates, whether it is an engine or an HVAC system. It can easily result in lost sales, decreased productivity and more health problems.

Acoustic vibration isolation

How The ID Group Can Help

The ID Group has a wide variety of acoustic and vibration control solutions that can help you improve your products. Our engineers aim to create quieter, more efficient equipment with acoustic foams and pads that prevent sound and energy from moving from one space to another. We design innovative acoustic barriers using our knowledge and material lines to find the right solution for you.

Acoustic Vibration isolation in engines

Damping Pads & Sheets

Dampening pads and sheets help reduce resonant vibration problems and, consequently, better control noise. We offer several acoustic vibration isolation products that can be adapted to your needs, projects and equipment types. Visit our damping pads and sheets page for more information.

Custom Cut Projects_vibration isolation material

Custom Cut Solutions

At The ID Group, we recognize that every situation is unique. That’s why our products can be cut to fit your specific needs. Depending on the material chosen and the tolerance level required for your application, we can offer both custom die-cutting and laser die-cutting services. At The ID Group, we can even produce small batch orders for complicated prototypes.

Custom Molded-Foam Solutions

Instead of redesigning a product that is making too much noise, ask our team about our custom-molded foam solutions. Custom molded-foam fills voids and is simple to include in manufacturing. The ID Group helps you outsource the right custom-molded foam provider to create the mold so it is made to your specifications.

Industries We Serve

The ID Group provides acoustic vibration isolation solutions to a wide range of industries, from medical to telecommunications. We have been innovating in the areas of EMI shielding and heat, acoustic, shock and vibration control for decades. Talk to us about your acoustic vibration problems and be sure we’ll help you solve them.

Do You Have an Acoustic Vibration Problem to Solve?

From acoustic vibration isolation to thermal foams and EMI RFI shielding, The ID Group can help you find solutions that enhance sound quality and increase performance. We use innovative materials from well-known suppliers to help control noise and vibration. Let us work with you to find a solution. Talk to our team about your acoustic vibration isolation challenges and collaborate with us to find the right product.