Our Suppliers

The ID Group partners with reputable suppliers to better serve you

The ID Group is proud to partner with well-known suppliers to provide its customers with top-of-the-line products and customized solutions. From EMI RFI shielding to thermal foam & acoustical foam, we offer a wide selection of quality products answering various needs for the aerospace, medical, oil & gas, space, telecom, transportation and manufacturing industries. Have a look at our list of suppliers below.

Tech-etch logo

Tech Etch

Tech-Etch is a leader in EMI products including EMI RFI shielding solutions and honeycomb vents for the aerospace, telecom and military markets. They offer off-the-shelf products from their catalog but can also provide customized EMI shielding products to meet your specific needs. Their products come in many different sizes, shapes, compositions, mounting options and seal types.

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polyhmer technology logo

Polymer Technologies

Polymer Technologies is a trusted manufacturer of energy management solutions. Their product assortment includes thermal foam, acoustical foam, shock and vibration solutions mainly branded under the reputable POLYDAMP® trademark. Many industries use their products including the aerospace, medical and transportation industries.

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CDA intercrop logo

CDA Intercorp

CDA Intercorp offers controllable drive actuators for the aerospace, space and oil & gas industries. The high reliability and compact design of their rotary and linear controllable drive actuators make them ideal for demanding applications. The CDA products are designed to operate under the most demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810 and DO-160.

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MP Industries

MP Industries specializes in custom cut projects including laser die cutting solutions. Our custom air filters, some made with reticulated filter foam, are made to withstand prolonged exposure to high temperature and high humidity environments.

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We’re Here to Help

We understand that selecting the right product can be a challenge. Visit our solutions page to get a better idea of the products and solutions we offer from EMI RFI shielding to acoustic vibration isolation, laser die cutting and more. If you’re not sure which product or solution you need, or if you need a highly customized solution, one of our experts will be happy to work together to find the right solution.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for any assistance you may require.