Laser Die Cutting & Standard Die Cutting Solutions

At The ID Group, we provide both regular die cutting and laser die cutting services through our affiliate company MP Industries International. Our experienced team can take on custom cut projects of any size and complexity of EMI RFI shielding matetials, thermal materials, acoustic vibration isolation materials and so much more.

No matter what your applications, we can cut the product or material to your exact specifications. While our versatile laser cutting equipment can tackle a wide range of materials and thicknesses, our standard die cutting machinery also ensures high quality and precision cuts. Here are some of the materials that we can die cut for you:

Benefits of Laser Die Cutting

Besides the high accuracy and precision cuts offers by laser cutting machines, there are many advantages to the laser die cutting process. It is ideal for achieving high quality cuts or engraving in the case of unique shapes, intricate designs, tight tolerances, or small feature sizes. The clean cuts, quick turnaround times, and possibility of using the same machine for a variety of materials makes laser die cutting an ideal process that allows cost efficiency and reduced timeframes, especially for processes, such as prototyping. At the ID Group, we can produce small batch orders and cut out even the most complicated prototypes using a wide range of materials.

In addition to our experience and expertise in this field, we have invested in cutting-edge technology that is second to none. Our versatile CO2 laser cutting machines, the Helix and Mini 24 in the Epilog Legend Series offer extreme precision in cutting or engraving across a wide range of materials, eliminating the need for costly tooling and machining in several engineering jobs. Not only do we help you save significantly on your manufacturing costs, but we also advise you on the material selection and cuts that would be most suited for your specific application.

The high-quality motion control system of our machines allows us to offer a number of features and operations, including:

  • Cutting
  • Slitting
  • Punching holes
  • Marking
  • Engraving
  • Etching
  • Gluing
  • Etched readable barcodes

MP Industries Laser Video 29/01/2021

Entrust Your Laser Die Cutting Project to Our Experts

Submit an online quote request and one of our experts will get in touch with you shortly. We stock a large inventory of raw materials and can expedite custom projects for prototyping, projects requiring precision and small batch requirements.


Standard Die Cutting Solution

Standard die cutting is best suited for large scale production or materials that are not compatible with laser cut technology. At The ID Group, our versatile die cutting processes can handle a number of different materials. We carry out custom cut projects on foam, plastics, polymers, fabric, metal components, and several other materials.

Foam cutting is a highly complex process. However, it’s important to note that foam used for insulation purposes cannot be cut with laser due to its fire retardant treatment. This is where standard die cutting comes in handy. We have precision die cutting equipment that allows us to custom cut foam in various shapes and sizes for a broad range of applications and industries. This includes acoustical foams for insulation and absorption, acoustic barrier materials for noise reduction, and thermal foams for temperature control. With high-efficiency machinery and skilled and experienced technicians, we ensure that the foam components are durable and consistent.

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Unsure about the type of die cutting technology your application needs? Have queries or concerns about custom cut projects? One of our experienced team members will be happy to understand your requirements and guide you on the material selection as well as die cutting processes. Call us at (613) 699-0362 or complete our Ask the Expert form online.