Our Energy Management Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions Tailored to Your Exact Needs

The ID Group is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Tech Etch and Polymer Technologies products, and the exclusive Canadian sales representative for CDA Intercorp. We provide a wide range of solutions for EMI RFI shielding, air filtration, rotary and linear actuation, shock vibration controls, and thermal and acoustical barriers. Our single-source capability enables us to

  • Support demand fluctuations
  • Offer high quality products
  • Ensure timely deliveries

From honeycomb vents, gaskets, elastomers, and anti-vibration mounts, to dampening pads, foams, filters and custom laser die cutting, we provide a variety of cost-efficient solutions tailored to your exact requirements. With deep technical expertise and access to extensive product lines, we address some of the most challenging issues in the North American marketplace. This has made us the supplier of choice for companies across Aerospace, Telecom, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and a range of other industries.

EMI Products

An industry leader in EMI RFI shielding solutions provider, we supply standard catalogue as well as customized shielding products in all shapes, sizes, compositions, seal types, and mounting options. This includes performance-critical products, such as honeycomb vents, filters, wire mesh, metalized fabric gaskets, fingerstock gaskets, board level shielding, conductive shielding gaskets, and conductive elastomers.

Acoustic Foams

Reliable materials that enhance sound quality and find application across numerous industries. Whether you need noise control, echo reduction, or sound absorption, we supply foam panels for every acoustical need. Our selection of innovative materials includes proprietary hydrophobic melamine foams, and custom molded foams for controlling noise, vibration, and temperature.

Thermal Foams

Mitigate heat conduction, radiation, convection and achieve excellent temperature control with our large selection of thermal insulation foam products. We offer foams in melamine, polyamide, closed cell, and lightweight composites, along with heat shields for enhanced insulation. Get expert advice and personalized thermal insulation solutions for managing your heat flow requirements.

Acoustic Vibration Isolation

Extensive range of standard and custom solutions for acoustic vibration isolation. Our fail-safe, high-quality products such as vibration damping pads and sheets offer control of acoustic vibration in many industrial applications, including HVAC system enclosures, engine compartments, door panels, floor and ceiling systems and more. Find out how our products help protect equipment from unwanted wear and tear, while improving performance.

Non-Conductive Gaskets

Choose from a range of easy-to-handle, non-conductive gaskets for a solid environmental seal against dust or liquid ingress. We can cut gaskets from any form of fabric, rubber, foil, or composite material, and provide die-stamping in complex shapes, with or without self-adhesive backing.

Custom Laser Die Cutting Projects

Our regular and laser die cutting services provide cut, slit, punch holes, etching, gluing, engraving, marking and other such services. Get precision cutting for the most unique designs or intricate shapes on a variety of materials, including foams, gaskets, fabrics, plastics, and elastomers.

Custom Air Filters

Designed for harsh environments and formulated to withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures and humidity levels, our customized air filter solutions cater to a variety of applications across a multitude of industries. Our products assist enclosures in meeting various MIL-STD, NEMA, and IP ratings.

Motors, Gears and Actuators

As the exclusive Canadian partner for CDA Intercorp, we offer an enviable range of high precision rotary and linear actuation products. From brushless motors and induction motors, to stepper motors and rotary transducers, the entire product line features rugged modular design. We customize the configurations to suit your unique specifications. Enjoy a comprehensive advantage involving quality, reliability, performance, efficiency and flexibility all rolled into one.

Industries We Serve

At ID Group, we are proud of our dedicated team of industry experts and exclusive partnerships with world-class companies, such as Tech Etch, Polymer Technologies, and CDA Intercorp. From noise, temperature, and vibration management, to EMI RFI shielding and custom filters, we promise an extensive range of tailor-made offerings and unparalleled customer service. Our experienced and qualified team understands your business and offers customized solutions for maximizing performance and cost efficiencies.

A quick look at how our offerings find a wide range of applications across industries:

  • Telecom: Supporting product manufacturers with a wide range of innovative EMI and thermal energy management solutions, including gaskets, vents, and elastomers. We ensure longevity, reliability and material compatibility.
  • Aerospace: Rotary and linear actuators for high reliability flight-critical applications for military and commercial aerospace applications.
  • Manufacturing: Different types of high quality shielding components such as honeycomb vents, conductive elastomers, and conductive shielding gaskets, to name a few.
  • Medical: EMI/RFI shielding products and thermal and noise absorption solutions for medical devices.
  • Oil Exploration and Related Industries: Controllable drive actuators for Down Hole and Off Shore Equipment.
  • Space: High power density, highly reliable, configurable motors that make our actuators ideal for space applications, where size and weight are mission critical.
  • Land and Sea Transportation: Huge array of acoustic and thermal insulation solutions that can address the most complex noise, temperature, or vibration challenges.

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