CDA InterCorp

Rotary and Linear Motion Solutions for Harsh Environments

CDA InterCorp is a leader in the design and manufacture of highly and extremely performing controllable drive actuators for technologically advanced control systems. Their motors are designed to operate and perform under the harshest environmental conditions, including cryogenic applications, meeting the demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810 and DO-160.

Brushless PM motors are constructed with rare earth samarium cobalt magnets. Stationary stator with outside windings for minimum thermal resistance, power outputs up to 5Kw and operating efficiencies of 90%. Position transducers with direct absolute position feedback.

The ID Group is proud to be the exclusive Canadian sales representative of CDA InterCorp products. Read on to learn more about CDA’s controllable drive actuators.


Product Applications

You can find CDA InterCorp products in military and commercial aerospace applications, downhole and offshore equipment, space applications and more.

Here is a small overview of some applications:

Oil refinary

Controllable Drive Actuators for Space Applications

CDA’s product line is based on rugged modular design concepts that include standard inventoried parts and a standard set of materials and processes. This modular concept allows for virtually unlimited functionality built for the extreme conditions found in space. In addition, the high torque and power output capacity within an extremely small diameter package make CDA’s actuators ideal for space applications where size and weight are at a premium.

Controllable Drive Actuators for Unmanned and Aerial Vehicles

Again, compact size and high performance make CDA’s rotary and linear actuators ideal for aircraft or UAV applications where diameter space is at a premium. They are perfect for high-reliability flight critical applications for military and commercial aerospace applications.

Controllable Drive Actuators for Downhole and Off-Shore Equipment

The high reliability and rugged compact design of CDA’s rotary and linear controllable drive actuators make them ideal for advanced downhole tools exposed to hostile environments. They also offer high torque and power output capacity within an extremely small diameter actuator package making them ideal for downhole application where the available space is calculated.

If you have a specific application in mind, feel free to download and submit your Data Application Form.