Honeycomb Vents

Combining Maximum EMI Shielding with Minimal Air Flow Resistance

The ID Group offers standard as well as custom configurations for high-efficiency EMI shielding honeycomb vents. We offer a massive stock of raw materials and ensure quick deliveries of everything, from prototypes to high volumes for all shapes and sizes of honeycomb vents. While our standard aluminum honeycomb ventilation panels are 1/8-cell, we can increase the shielding capabilities by using two ¼-inch thick panels in a cross-cell configuration. We offer nine different aluminum vent styles and can provide additional shielding gaskets to increase the attenuation based on your specifications.

Tech Etch 8000 Series Honeycomb Vents

The 8000 Series shielded honeycomb air vents are available in both standard 1/8”, ¼”, ½” and 1” thicknesses, as well as other custom configurations. We can mount the aluminum honeycomb panels in high strength extruded aluminum frames in 13 different styles. Our frame to enclosures shielding options include BeCu strips, mesh gaskets, Twinseal and metalized fabric gaskets.

Aluminum honeycomb vents are lightweight with high compressive strength and sharp and clear hole surfaces that make them ideal for RF shielding enclosures and boxes. We can further enhance the shielding effectiveness and environmental protection of the honeycomb vents by plating the panels with nickel or tin. To achieve the highest level of shielding, we use ¼” thick honeycomb panels in a cross-cell configuration by placing the foil seams at a 90-degree angle from each other.

8000 Series Honeycomb vents

Tech Etch 8200 Series Shielded Fan Vents

The 8200 Series Shielded Fan Vents can help maximize air flow without reducing the fan output. Available with optional dust screens, these vents are an excellent, cost-efficient option to perforated metal, especially if your application’s airflow rates are critical.

Our stock fan vents from Tech-Etch come in 6 sizes corresponding to industry standard fans with standard 4-hole mounting. For shielding performance, we use 1/8 cell aluminum honeycomb panels mounted in highly resilient extruded aluminum frames with BeCu shielding strips between the frame and enclosure. While we can add dust screens made of multilayer expanded aluminum, they may cause some restrictions in the airflow.

8200 Series Honeycomb Vents

Tech Etch 8300 Series Quiet Vents

Offering up to 90 dB attenuation, the 8300 Series Quiet Vents are a suitable, cost-efficient alternative to perforated metal or slots for reducing noise and turbulence. As the EMI honeycomb air filter design yields 95% open vent area, it creates a quiet, unrestricted airflow, which in turn results in decreased turbulence and lower noise levels compared to vents made from perforated metal.

Our 8300 series vents feature two 1/4 inch thick honeycomb panels assembled in a cross-cell configuration for excellent shielding performance. We mount the panel in high strength extruded aluminum frames with optional captive fasteners or through holes. The light-weight aluminum frame comes to enclosure shielding with a Twinseal gasket between the mounting surface and the frame.

Choose from a wide range of our standard Quiet Vents that are available in 66 different sizes for low cost shielding solutions.

8300 Series Quiet Vents


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