EMI RFI Shielding

Efficient EMI RFI Solutions for Many Industries

A leader in performance materials since 2000, The ID Group specializes in EMI RFI shielding products and cater to multi-industry applications throughout North America. In addition to the standard catalogue products from Tech Etch, we offer custom shielding configurations in all shapes, sizes, mounting options, seal types, and compositions. Our extensive inventory of raw materials allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions quickly and efficiently.

Fingerstock Gaskets

Build your best EMI RFI shielding defense with our wide array of fingerstock gaskets for every type of application. Our comprehensive line of standard RoHS and REACH-compliant EMI shielding strips come in an assortment of sizes, mounting options and profiles. Our experts can customize your shielding requirements and help you determine the optimal configurations for the desired attenuation and compression.

Metalized Fabric Gaskets

Setting a new standard in EMI RFI shielding, the metalized fabric over polyurethane foam core gaskets offer excellent attenuation shielding, versatility and flexibility. While our metalized fabric gaskets are available in a variety of profiles and mounting options, we can offer custom profiles to your exact specifications. Our high-performing gaskets are RoHS and REACH compliant as well as environmentally friendly.

Conductive Foam Gaskets

Consisting of conductive open cell polyurethane foam, along with nickel over copper-plated polyester fabric on both sides, conductive foam gaskets, also known as conductive shielding gaskets, are ideal for applications that require excellent conductivity at low compression force. The combination of woven fabric on the mounting side with compliant non-woven fabric on the contact side enhance the durability and performance of our conductive foam gaskets.

Conductive Elastomers

Our extensive range of connectors and waveguide gaskets offers a variety of materials, including conductive elastomers. In addition to standard configurations, we can offer custom solutions that meet the EMI RFI shielding requirements for your specific applications. Get efficient environmental sealing and excellent mechanical and EMI shielding with our conductive elastomer materials.

Best EMI RFI Shielding Solutions at Competitive Prices

As a Canadian value-added distributor for globally reputed companies, The ID group has been serving the EMI RFI shielding requirements of a wide range of companies and industries since 2000. Catering to a plethora of applications and projects in Telecom, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical Equipment, Space,Transportation, and other manufacturing industries, we offer standard and custom EMI RFI shielding solutions at competitive prices. Due to their innovative features, top-notch quality, and versatility, our products can meet the most stringent performance demands for EMI RFI shielding in any type of application.

Whether you are looking for fingerstock gaskets, fabric over foam gaskets, conductive foam gaskets or waveguide gaskets in conductive elastomer materials, count on the experts at The ID Group.



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