MP Industries International

Die Cutting and Laser Die Cutting Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the energy management sector, MP Industries International is a reliable and competent provider of customized die cutting and laser die cutting services for The ID Group.

MP Industries International offers several services for various industries. Here is an overview of the ones The ID Group uses to offer customized solutions to its customers, whether it is cutting EMI RFI shielding materials, such as fingerstock gaskets, conductive shielding gaskets or foams like acoustical foams and thermal foams.

Laser Die Cutting Services

With its laser die cutting services, MP Industries International can cut most materials. Laser die cutting is used for projects where precision levels and edge quality is required. In addition, laser die cutting technology makes cutting complex shapes easy without the need for intricate tooling.

Laser die cutting is particularly interesting for prototyping and projects that require small runs.

Standard Die Cutting Services

Through their standard die cutting services, MP Industries International can custom cut foam in various shapes and sizes for many applications and industries. Thermal foam, acoustical foam, acoustic vibration isolation, and air filters are just a few of the products they can cut to specific requirements.

Cutting Gaskets

MP Industries International is able to manufacture custom cut gaskets from many types of materials. They can custom cut products like silicone gaskets, EMI fingerstock gaskets, conductive foam gaskets, metalized fabric gaskets, and more. Get additional information about our custom cut projects by visiting our laser die cutting page.

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