The Industries We Serve

The ID Group provides cost-effective solutions for many industries

For over 20 years, The ID Group has been supplying many industries with reliable solutions. We’ve been providing radio-frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic interference EMI shielding products, thermal solutions & acoustical solutions, shock and vibration products, motors, gears and actuators, as well as laser die cutting for the following industries.


The ID Group assists the telecom industry by providing innovative EMI products and thermal energy management solutions tailored to its needs. Whether it is EMI metalized fabric gaskets, conductive elastomers or any other product, we ensure material compatibility and long-term reliability.

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Mobile phone Telecommunication Radio antenna Tower. Telecoms cel
Airplane at the sunrise


We provide the aerospace industry with CDA Intercorp’s rotary and linear actuators, which are ideal for aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. We also supply acoustic foam and thermal foam materials that also meet the demanding needs of this industry.

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The manufacturing industry requires different types of shielding components such as shielding strips, conductive elastomers, honeycomb vents and conductive shielding gaskets to name a few. We are proud to supply this industry with top-of-the-line EMI RFI shielding products.

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fragment of the medical device


The continuing development of more performing and reliable medical equipment over the years has created the need for effective, comfortable and safe devices. We offer absorption, insulation, thermal and noise control solutions for the medical industry as well as EMI RFI shielding solutions.

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The space industry requires compact, lightweight and reliable motors capable of consistently generating increased power density and delivering high levels of performance. They must also be able to withstand the extreme conditions found in the hostile environment of space. We supply the space industry with the best controllable drive solutions for rotary and linear systems.

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Oil & Gas

We supply state of the art controllable drive actuators for downhole & offshore equipment for the oil & gas industry. Our compact drive actuators provide high torque and power output capacity making them ideal for downhole applications where space is at a premium.

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(Land & Sea)

The transportation industry requires reliable and proven solutions to its most common problems which are related to noise, temperature, shock and vibration management. We supply acoustical and thermal designs and solutions to solve most of these challenges.

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