Motors, Gears and Actuators

When it comes to motors, gears and actuators, we are the exclusive Canadian sales representatives of finely crafted CDA InterCorp products. CDA makes parts for military and commercial aerospace as well as downhole and offshore drilling operations, among other industries. The company uses standard modular design to reduce lead time, waste, and costs. With a philosophy of continuous improvement, it manages to produce some of the highest quality parts in the business. Additionally, CDA products meet the demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810 and DO-160.

Through our strategic partnership with the company, we can access and offer customers parts with proven performance and compliance records.

Our Product Assortment

270 VDC Brushless Motors

Introducing the 270 VDC Brushless Motor, a power-dense solution offering superior performance and ultimate reliability for aviation flight control and other applications.

Brushless PM Motors

Do you need the highest available power output and torque? The Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor (BPMM) has become the workhorse of CDA’s motor line!

ID Group_CDA Intercorp_AC Induction Motors

AC Induction Motors

What are CDA’s AC Induction Motors? A guarantee of reliability and efficiency, with unchallenged virtuosity, when it comes to performance per unit volume and weight.

ID Group_CDA Intercorp_Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors

Organizations in need of high running torque capacity will find it in CDA’s stepper motors. These motors ensure excellent stepping accuracy.

ID Group_CDA Intercorp_Rotary Transducers

Rotary Transducers

Don’t let the aerodynamically compact design fool you. CDA InterCorp’s Rotary Transducers also provide next-level accuracy for velocity, angular positioning, and acceleration requirements.

ID Group_CDA Intercorp_Eddy Current

Eddy Current Dampers

CDA InterCorp’s Rotary and Linear Eddy Current Dampers offer consistent performance and have linear damping characteristics for better stability in flight.

Product Applications

ID Group is proud to support well-known customers such as the Canadian Space Agency, Pratt & Whitney, Halliburton and MDA with fully customized motor solutions. Below is a summary of potential applications for our custom motors and the industries that can benefit from them.

Space Industry

  • Solar Array Deployment Dampers
  • Filter Wheel Drive Mechanisms
  • Solar Shield Door Hinge Drive
  • Shutter Drive Mechanism
  • Reflective Mirror Directional Control
  • Contamination Cover Drives
  • Camera Rotation Drives
  • Lens Cover Actuation
  • Antenna Deployment Actuation
  • Cryogenic Actuation and Resolvers

Military & Commercial Aerospace

  • Control Surface
  • Position Sensors
  • Valve Actuation Wheel Speed
  • Sensors Azimuth/Elevation
  • Drive Actuation
  • Shroud Actuation
  • Turret Drive Actuation
  • Radar Drive Actuation

Downhole & Off-Shore Equipment

  • Core Sampling
  • Drives Weight on Bit Drives
  • Gas Lift Valve Drives
  • Perforation Drive
  • Pump Motors
  • Retractable Fail-Safe Drives
  • Stage Lock Drives Valve
  • Position Transducers
  • Steerable Tools

ID Group is committed to offering the highest quality of parts and service. Do you have a specific application in mind for CDA motors, actuators, and gears? Feel free to submit your Data Application Form.


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