Transportation (Land & Sea)

Choosing the ID Group for Your Transportation Energy Management Needs

The transportation industry is important to our country’s infrastructure, but the specifications and requirements for mass transportation, heavy trucking, and marine transportation are changing fast. Transportation manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to control temperature and reduce noise and vibration. The ID Group can help your business find acoustic, thermal, and vibration solutions. We work with you to find solutions to the challenges facing your team. Our products come in standard configurations or can be customized to fit your applications. We take passenger comfort, safety, and industry regulations into account when designing solutions for your needs.

Benefits of Working with Us

The transportation industry is facing more demands to run quieter and to reduce the impact of engine heat. The ID Group understands thermal and acoustic insulation. We work with your team to find solutions that are cost-effective while meeting all your requirements. Tell us your challenges and let us find a reliable and effective solution.

Benefits For Your Products

  • Noise reduction
  • Vibration reduction
  • Temperature control
  • Increased user comfort
  • Maximization of passenger and operator safety

Benefits For Your Business

Acoustic, Thermal and Vibration Control Solutions for Transpoert industry

Products & Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Examples of Applications

  • Reducing decibel level for rail car and bus passengers and driver
  • Preventing heat from entering drivers’ cab and passengers’ compartments
  • Isolating or dissipating noise, vibration and heat within engine enclosures
  • Protecting engine from extreme temperature
  • Improving efficiency of vehicles by mitigating the vibrations they produce
  • Increasing thermal and acoustic insulation of the interior of truck cabs
  • Blocking sound waves for marine vessels

Supporting the Transportation Industry

The ID Group designs solutions for the mass transit, marine, heavy equipment, and aerospace industries. We can solve noise, temperature, and vibration challenges using high-performance materials. We have a wide range of products and services that can be configured to suit your needs. If you are facing temperature, noise or vibration challenges, or all of the above, turn to the energy management experts at Group ID. We’ll work with your team to develop solutions for a quiet and comfortable ride, on land and sea. Contact us today!