Conductive Elastomers

Providing High EMI Shielding and Environmental Sealing

Performance materials, such as conductive elastomers are useful in several applications that require EMI shielding connector gaskets. The ID Group offers an extensive range of conductive elastomers in both, standard and custom configurations. In addition to a wide range of standard shielding materials, we cater to all types of custom compositions and configurations.

Conductive Elastomers - 100 Series SupershieldHighly resilient, yet extremely cost-effective, the conductive elastomers provide EMI sealing, as well as environmental and pressure sealing for a wide range of applications. They provide sufficient electrical conductivity across the gasket/ lid/ enclosure junction to meet the relevant grounding and EMI shielding requirements, while also preventing fluid intrusion into the electrical components of your application.

Conductive elastomers can comprise of conductive rubber, conductive silicon, or electrically conductive foam, and are an excellent choice for efficient EMI shielding, environmental sealing, and corrosion resistance.

Tech Etch Supershield Series 1000

Offering very high levels of EMI shielding and environmental sealing, the Supershield Series from Tech Etch is made from a silicone elastomer, filled with conductive metal particles. This includes various conducting media, including pure silver, low density silver, silver-plated glass, silver-plated copper, silver aluminum, silver nickel, nickel graphite, and carbon.

We offer Supershield in custom-cut gaskets, as well as a variety of sheet sizes, based on your specifications. We typically offer hardness of 40 to 80 durometers and our material specifications may vary at other durometers outside this range.

Tech Etch Multishield Series 4000

Conductive Elastomers - Multishield Gasket MaterialThe Multishield Series 4000 is a composite material manufactured with an array of wires embedded in silicone rubber and aligned perpendicular to the contact surfaces. Available in strips up to 5/8 in. wide, sheets up to 9 in. wide, standard gaskets, and custom gaskets, the Multishield 4000 series offers top-notch shielding and environmental seal.

We can bond Multishield to sheet metal with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) or a thin film of RTV 3145 silicone. We also create:

  • Die-Cut Gaskets: Using inexpensive rule dies to fabricate solid or sponge Multishield
  • Picture Frame Gaskets: Bonding the corners of solid or sponge Multishield strip material with RTV 3145

Tech Etch Monoshield Series 5000

Conductive Elastomers - monoshield gasket materialSuitable for applications where the gasket size is up to 0.02 in. thick and gap irregularities are less than or equal to 0.0003 in, the Monoshield Series 5000 from Tech Etch features aluminum or fine monel, which is impregnated or expanded with a 50-durometer silicone rubber.

The manufacturing process exposes approximately 225 points of contact per square inch, offering a highly efficient EMI shield and a pressure seal up to 50 PSI between the mating surfaces. We can supply Monoshield with or without silicone impregnation in die-cut gaskets or sheets.

Tech Etch Weaveshield Series 5500

Conductive Eleastomers - Weaveshield Gasket MaterialThe Weaveshield series from Tech Etch is a composite EMI shielding and pressure sealing gasket material that comprises woven aluminum wire screens, impregnated with either a silicone or neoprene elastomer. It is ideal for very small gaps with a joint unevenness of up to 0.0002 in.

We can supply Weaveshield in die-cut gaskets or sheets to your size specifications. With the right composition and configuration, we can help you achieve both, pressure seal and moisture seal.


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