How Tech Etch Products Help with EMI RFI Shielding Issues

Tech Etch Products for EMI RFI Shielding

How Tech Etch Products Help with EMI RFI Shielding Issues

Electronic devices need robust protection from outside interferences to continue performing accurately. Tech Etch is an industry leader in EMI products. Through their Innovation Center, clients have access to advanced solutions and fast turn times. For more than 60 years, this company has worked to become a one-stop shop for design input, prototyping, and production.

Tech Etch Products Resolve Complex EMI RFI Shielding Issues

Sourcing the right EMI RFI shielding product is what it takes to secure your electronics from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) problems. Consider these options from Tech Etch for your company’s electronic device protection needs:

1. Fingerstock Gaskets

When looking for gaskets that can withstand frequent opening and closing, Tech Etch fingerstock gaskets are the right choice. You will find a variety of lengths and sizes. For example, you can find strips between 16 and 24 inches in length, have custom lengths cut, or choose a continuous roll up to 35 feet long. Additionally, you can find them in uncompressed heights of 0.03” to 0.44”.

These gaskets are found in beryllium copper (BeCu) or stainless steel. When looking for effective EMI RFI shielding over a broad range of frequencies with extreme durability, choose BeCu. It has maximum spring properties to hold up under fatigue resistance. Stainless steel is an economical alternative that is stiffer than copper and does not have electrical conductivity. Stainless steel is a good choice when working with a product with low-profile strips and twisted contacts.

Tech-Etch meets customer demands by producing the “V” series of Variable Finger Snap-on BeCu gaskets, which increase the EMI shielding effectiveness up to 100db attenuation.

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2. Metalized Fabric Gaskets

Sometimes, standards need to change to suit the situation, and Tech Etch does that with their RoHS and REACH-compliant metalized fabric laid over a polyurethane foam core. Consider the 2400 Series from Tech Etch. They have enhanced EMI RFI shielding based on their highly conductive copper-plated substrate and nickel plating. It is flexible and self-terminating when cut. They also come in a range of shapes to meet your needs, such as rectangular, square, knife-edge, and flat.

You may also choose a tailored approach through the Custom 2600 Series. These metalized fabric gaskets are designed with custom rule die gaskets that focus on the material softness for dimensional tolerances. Additionally, the material thickness is considered to calculate the minimum distance for cutouts, edges, and hole diameters.

For an economical choice, a standard D-Connector gasket offers a good alternative giving you EMI RFI shielding for most 9-pin to 50-pin connectors in a variety of sizes and levels of thickness.

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3. Conductive Foam Gaskets

Are you looking for shielding gaskets ideal for routers, servers, laptops, and other applications that need excellent conductivity at low compression forces? Look at high performance conductive shielding gaskets in both standard and customized versions. These gaskets are customized with X, Y, Z-axis conductive foam consisting of nickel or copper plated polyester fabric. Enjoy maximum shielding attenuation with a mounting side of durable woven fabric and a contact side of RoHS compliant non-woven fabric.

You can easily find the best choice for any given application with standard configurations, sheet stock, and custom designs. They can be designed with or without conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) on one side.

Finally, rest assured that a 50% compression deflection is attainable while still holding a UL 94V flammability rating. In the end, the gaskets provide flexibility, reliability, and stability for consistent conductive foam shielding requirements.

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4. Conductive Elastomers

Conductive elastomers are extremely useful for various applications that require EMI shielding and sealing. They prevent fluid from entering delicate components to avoid corrosion. Tech Etch leaves no stone unturned by providing a comprehensive series in their portfolio of EMI products.

Custom-cut gaskets from Tech Etch’s Supershield Series 1000 are composed of silicone elastomers and conductive metal particles of pure silver, low-density silver, silver-plated glass and copper, silver aluminum, nickel graphite, and carbon. Enjoy high levels of EMI shielding with this version of conductive elastomer.

Additional options include Tech Etch’s Multishield Series 4000 and 5000. These conductive elastomers offer top-notch shielding and environmental sealing in many different sizes and forms to fit a multitude of applications. The 5000 series handles gap irregularities and features aluminum or fine monel with highly efficient EMI shielding.

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5. Honeycomb Vents

Cooling electronic equipment is vital to maintaining their efficiency. Shielded fan vents with dust screens provide maximum unrestricted airflow without hindering the fan’s output. The honeycomb design reduces turbulence and lowers noise levels.

Both standard and customized configurations give you high-efficiency EMI shielding through the honeycomb vents. Made of aluminum, these vents are lightweight and have a high compressive strength, making them a top choice for RF shielding enclosures.

Tech Etch offers many different types of honeycomb vents to accommodate a wide range of needs. Their 8200 Series Shielded Fan Vents work well to maximize airflow without affecting the fan’s output.

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Choose Quality Shielding Created for Your Applications

The ID Group is the exclusive value-added distributor in Canada of Tech Etch products including EMI and EMI/RFI shielding products. We are dedicated to providing you with customized solutions quickly and efficiently. Because we keep an extensive inventory of raw materials in-house, you know you will have your tailored product fast.

Find the best quality EMI RFI shielding components for your needs when you talk with one of the experts at The ID Group. We can custom design what you need or provide you with standard options. In either case, we are here to help you select the perfect EMI RFI shielding solution from our selection of fingerstock gaskets, metalized fabric gaskets, conductive shielding gaskets, conductive elastomers, and honeycomb vents.

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